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Southern comfort black vs southern comfort price

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fc-falcon">Southern Comfort Black Liqueur Whiskey (12 x 750ml) 5. 99; 1. W. Since then, Southern Comfort has been spreading the soulful and vibrant spirit of New Orleans.



Black is the former Southern Comfort 80; yes, you guessed it bottled at 80 proof (40% ABV).

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75ml bottle.

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R179. Enjoy all types of liqueur plus free alcohol delivery in Nairobi</p>. You’ll need to add a little less in cocktails, but the aftertaste is almost identical. The Southern Comfort that’s available today is likely better than what you remember throwing back in college—the whiskey-based liqueur was made with a neutral grain spirit for decades, but that changed when New Orleans’ Sazerac Company bought the brand, returning it to its Crescent City roots and restoring whiskey as the base spirit.

Taste the difference Southern Comfort Black. It has a hint of spice and wood lingering in the aftertaste resembling bourbon. class=" fc-falcon">SKU.

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This is the family’s middle child, but without all the problems, middle children sometimes suffer. It can be enjoyed simply with lemonade and a squeeze of fresh lime or mixed to create a range of fun cocktails at home.

99-$24. Southern Comfort Black has a higher alcohol content and a more robust flavor profile, while Southern Comfort 100 Proof is the highest-proof offering from the brand.

You can usually buy Southern Comfort from any of the supermarket brands like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Target and more.

Southern Comfort Black Black Label Spirit Whiskey 40% (USA) $17. - Bronze Medal.


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Jan 17, 2016 · Price ABV; Southern Comfort Original 70 : 375ml: $6. . Price reduced from $ 50. Starting around September or so of last year, there were rebate forms by Southern comfort where it was sold.

It is a unique spiced American whiskey flavoured liqueur. 75. of rosemary syrup. It has a hint of spice and wood lingering in the aftertaste resembling bourbon.

In 1874, M.

00 , which is 37% less than the cost in Sainsburys (£28. 00. May 24, 2015 10:04 pm EDT.